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NCCST is established according to "Regulations Governing the Establishment of the National Information and Communication Security Taskforce (NICST), Executive Yuan," providing cyber security technical services such as pre-incident protection, during-incident response & handling, and post-incident forensics & recovery to government agencies. NCCST is led by the Director, two Deputy Directors.

Six Sections are established according to missions: General Planning Section, Strategy Analysis Section, Incident Report and Response Section, Data Analytics Section, System Security Section, and Testing and Evaluation Section.

Each section has three groups:

  • General Planning Section: Comprehensive Affairs, Project Management Assessment, and Education and Promotion.
  • Strategy Analysis Section: Strategic Planning, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, and Security Service.
  • Incident Report and Response Section: Incident Management Team, Monitoring and Defense, and Computer Security Investigation.
  • Data Analytics Section: Cyber Threat, Endpoint Security, Applied Intelligence,andInformation Exchange & Cooperation.
  • System Security Section: Software Security, Research and Development, and Management Information System.
  • Testing and Evaluation Section: Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Diagnostic, and Proactive Defense.

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